Halloween Activity 2016-2017


Date   : 31/10/2016

Venue: Playground A,B,C
Targets: P.1 – P.6 students

Activity description: On Halloween, NET teacher and English teachers dressed up as witches, wizards, pumpkins… to play ‘trick or treat’ with our students in the playground.  In the morning, students had different English learning activities such as
playing games at the booths and guessing riddles. After lunch, students watched Halloween Fun Show. Students participated in the activities actively.  They were also willing to learn the vocabulary about Halloween.

Trick or treat?
The Horror Family
Let’s have skeleton for dinner!
Did I scare you away?
Don’t come any closer!
Halloween Fun Show
Yeah! We played all the booths and got a lot of stamps.
One of our Halloween squads were having fun.