Halloween Fun Day 2018-2019


Time: 31st October, 2018
Venue: Playground
Targets: All students and teachers
Objectives: In order to enrich the English environment in school, this Halloween Fun Day provides more chances for students to speak English.


The big day for the whole school was on 31st October. The school was decorated with pumpkin patch, corn stalks, spooky decorations and more. Students and teachers dressed up as different characters like ghosts and monsters. Some of them even dressed up as cartoon characters such as Wonder Woman and Harry Porter. At the event, teachers handed out candies and gifts to students. All of them enjoyed this day.

Costumed characters of students in the playground.
Headmaster Leung and Chinese vampires, aren’t they scary?
All English teachers dressed up as different characters.
Do you like their special costumes?

Let’s have fun in the class!