Halloween Fun Day

Date : 31/10/2023
Venue : School
Participants : All teachers and students

During the recent Halloween event, the campus was decorated to create a mysterious atmosphere. The activities included watching a short drama film performed by teachers and students, and exploring an exciting haunted house. The students enthusiastically guessed each other's roles.

Everyone appeared in cute Halloween costumes and participated in English activities and games. They watched an entertaining Halloween English story video called "Scooby-doo: The Carnival Creeper" performed by teachers and students. Additionally, they played interactive games and completed activity worksheets.

The school also created a special haunted house with a Halloween atmosphere. Students took turns experiencing it and participated in learning summaries and Trick or Treat activities. The event provided a fun and enjoyable Halloween experience for teachers and students, who wore adorable costumes and engaged in various activities together.

  • CLCT Horror Family!
  • Students were talking about how they feel after experiencing the haunted house.
  • Do we scare you away?
  • Welcome to Halloween Book Fair!
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Students enjoyed reading English horror stories.
  • We all were having a good time on the Halloween day.
  • Trick or Treat!
  • Some teachers, parents and students got the best costume awards.