English Language Education is one of the eight Key Learning Areas in the school curriculum. As a Key Learning Area, English Language Education aims to provide primary school learners with a wide range of contexts and learning experiences to:

    1. develop their English Language proficiency;
    2. enhance their personal and intellectual development;
    3. and extend their understanding of other cultures through
        the English medium.
The Subject Target of English Language is for learners to develop an ever-improving capability in using English:

    1. to think and communicate;
    2. to acquire, develop and apply knowledge;
    3. to respond and give expression to experience;
        and within these contexts, to develop and apply an ever-increasing
        understanding of how language is organized, used and learned.

Our school - English Language Curriculum
G. E. PROGRAMME focuses on intensive learning and teaching of English Language knowledge and skills set out in the English Language curriculum framework
READING specially devoted to the development of reading skills and acquiring language knowledge such as grammar and vocabulary in appropriate contexts
PROJECT LEARNING involves a theme-based investigation that engages students in integrative language use
LIFE-WIDE LEARNING provides opportunities for experiential learning through meaningful use of the language in authentic settings
EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES seek to exploit the potential that English offers for pleasurable experiences and the development of language awareness such as English Club and Drama